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Dao noun

A “way” or natural way; in the sense of a road or a path.

Imagine us as your shepherd leading you to the land of dog ↔ human harmony.

To understand the dog, we must first become the dog.

What if you could read your dog's mind?

Introducing Dog Psychology 101, our first in a series of online courses to teach you how to decode your dog’s psyche. We must first lay the foundation before constructing a relationship that pays dividends of love & happiness.

Even if you’re a long-time dog owner, or just started thinking about getting your first dog.

This is the only online course in the world that teaches you from the dog’s perspective.

We call it Conscious Dog Training.

What is conscious dog training?

To be Conscious is to be aware and responsive to one's surroundings and situation. With the Dao of Dog™ Method, you learn to become truly aware, not only of the dog's feelings, needs, behaviors, and instincts, but also of your own.

The more we understand and become aware of how to communicate with our beloved companion, the more we will know where to become more Conscious in our day to day life. The less confusion with our dog, the less confusion with ourself.

Become the positive, loving, straightforward influence for your dog as well as your self, your family, and your community.

The 3 Quickest Ways
To Better Connect With
Your Dog

We’ve identified 3 things every dog owner should do to help connect better with their dog. Taking action will:

  • Create a deeper connection
  • Decrease confusion
  • Start you on a path to harmony
Want to have a better connection with your dog?
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How To Understand Your Dog

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This system is for you if...

  • You are having a hard time becoming the leader with your dog (or are unsure if you are)
  • You love dogs and want to learn more about them to become a dog enthusiast
  • You tried everything and nothing seems to work
  • You work with dogs in any capacity
  • You own a dog (or have a pack) and need assistance
  • You have tried other dog training systems and didn't get the results you were looking for (e.g. treats, clickers, fear tactics, bribes, Youtube, bootcamps, etc)
  • You are a dog trainer who wants to take their knowledge to higher levels
Many Blessings — I'm Frank “Bear Heart” Saputo, and for over a decade I have trained THOUSANDS of dogs (and humans 🙂).

In addition to learning from masters before me, I dedicated over 50,000 hours to the deep study of training dogs & wolves. This led me to a deep understanding of these animals by learning from them directly.

To comprehend the dog, we must first become the dog. I've been teaching humans to understand dogs from their perspective earning me a 100% success rate.

My focus has ranged from Behavior Modification to Personal Defense Dog Training, as well as Service Dog Training. From the everyday dog owner, to the billionaire looking to protect his estate, I’ve worked with them all.

Today, my goal is to teach you everything I’ve learned. My second goal is to liberate all dogs on earth from the confusion that arises due to not being understood.

Hear From Our Customers

See how others have transformed their relationship with their dog.
“I highly recommend Bear Heart as an outstanding expert who produces exceptional results — fast. His work is truly heart centered and proven. He is uniquely qualified and one of a kind.
David Fabricius
Motivational Speaker
“Dog training with Bear Heart drastically improved and changed the lives of my dog and myself! Thank you!
Avi Nimmer
Transformational Coach
“Bear Heart is definitely the best in the business! He understands and helps us understand our dogs. My Sammy was a rescue and an embarrassment to take outside. And now she is the best dog ever...
Victor M
Guitar Teacher

What will I learn in Dog Psychology 101?

  • Day 1: Understanding Pack Mentality

    Learn how your dog sees you.

  • Day 2: Dogs vs Humans - The Similarities & Differences

    Get clear on how we compare to our furry companions.

  • Day 3: The 3 Ways We Confuse Our Dogs

    Fix these 3 things and dramatically improve your relationship with your dog.

  • Day 4: Understanding The Primal Struggle

    Learn the root issues your dog faces.

  • Day 5: The 3 Problem-Solving Mechanisms for Confusion

    Learn the 3 ways a dog responds to confusion and how to help them respond best.

Here's What You Get

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Dog Psychology 101
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"If you have a dog and want to learn more about how to cultivate that relationship, I really recommend you take this online training. He is one of the most heart-centered, humble, and powerful souls I know. You, and your dog, will be transformed by the teachings he has."
Miguel Bonett
Sound Alchemist
“Bear Heart's training created an unbreakable bond with my dog and taught me how to better understand his behavior. My family is forever thankful for Bear Heart and his dedication to animals and his clients. Thank you Bear Heart!
CJ Evarts
“If you have a dog, you should know Bear Heart. He's gentle and compassionate. This is a great way for him to share his mastery and a gift to every dog and dog-owner out there.
Marly Benedicto
Communication Coach

You and your dog, only better.

First 2 Months Free!
Dog Psychology 101
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